/ 01




The registration can be done from any device by the visitors themselves












The visitor will get a 
personal ID tag after
the registration is comple













/ 02


The presentations will simultaneously show up for a big audience due to the built
- in DLP - projector













NFC based 
guest managment








log in

By swiping the tag over the sensor on the side of the Monolith, the login is initialized.









The smart.MonoLith will recognize the user and the presentation autentifise the content of the presentation based on the ID of the guest.






Get personal. Get in touch.







/ 04 interactive online presentations












/ 05 

You can directly place a contact
form in the presentation.








User response can be gathered by placing an intracive survey













data will be served directly into the user profile. Receive analytics regarding application numbers, visitors, interactions, attendance figures, visitor frequency or open offers.




 - made with passion by - 
Papertown & smart.MOM





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 - made with passion by - 
Papertown & smart.MOM